An economic powerhouse on a high growth trajectory

  • GDP growth propelled by Industries and Services sectors – decadal CAGR of 9% and 10%, respectively.
  • GDP driven by Industries and Services sectors – accounting for 93%.
  • On Purchasing Power Parity (PPP) basis, Tamil Nadu’s GDP is higher than Norway, Finland, Denmark, New Zealand, Vietnam, etc., ranking among the top 50 countries of the world.

A global industrial and manufacturing hub

  • Robust industrial ecosystem with right mix of over 40,000 large industries supported by over 900,000 SMEs.
  • Home to over 50 of Fortune 500 companies, and has received USD 17 billion in FDI from April 2000 to March 2015.
  • Contributes more than 10% of the national output in paper, machinery, electronics, textiles, auto and auto components and leather products.

Robust Physical Infrastructure

  • Robust physical infrastructure in tune with the modern times.
  • India’s second largest coastline of 1076 km, and home to first dedicated container terminal.
  • Excellent road network of over 62,000 km, with a road density of 177 km per 100 sq. km, well above the national average of 148 km per 100 sq. km.
  • State with one of the largest telecom markets and highest subscriber base – 8.4% of the total subscriber base of India.
  • Only state in India with 4 international airports – offering direct connectivity with over 20 countries.

Robust Physical Infrastructure

  • Land in existing 100 industrial parks/complexes (including six SEZs) with a total area of 38,000 acres allotted to over 13,500 industries – with a combined investment of USD 17 billion, which includes micro, small, medium and large scale industries.
  • 8 industrial parks with a total area of about 9000 acres are at advanced stage of development in the state.
  • Additional focus on southern districts – a land bank of 20,650 acres being created for industries, anticipated to bring in investment of ~USD 4 billion.

Highest capacity of renewable energy in India

  • Tenth largest in the world in terms of wind power capacity.
  • More than 50% of the total power capacity in Tamil Nadu is from renewable sources.
  • Second largest in the country in terms of co-gen power plants.
  • State to be power surplus by year 2016, in view of the anticipated capacity additions, both in conventional and renewable energy sectors.

Robust urban and social infrastructure with world class civic amenities

  • Chennai rated among world’s 20 fastest growing cities by Forbes
  • Various studies indicate that Chennai, Coimbatore, Madurai are rated among the most liveable Cities in India.
  • State Government is planning implementation of various sustainable initiatives in areas of urban transport, renewable energy, environment services and urban redevelopment.
  • Chennai is the healthcare capital of India with robust network of over 300 multi-specialty hospitals with about 12,500 doctors.

Strong tourism footprint

  • 244 million domestic tourists and 3.9 million foreign tourists visited Tamil Nadu in 2013.
  • Investment of USD 1.7 billion planned to promote growth of tourism and hospitality sectors.
  • Tourism anticipated to grow at a robust pace attribution to the emergence of the region as a key business and cultural hub.

Path breaking policy initiatives and investor facilitation framework

  • A robust and time-tested regulatory framework in place.
  • Policy-driven administration leading to transparency in decision-making.
  • Structured policy package for Aerospace, IT/ITeS on the anvil.
  • Higher fiscal incentives and special packages for investments in southern districts of Tamil Nadu.
  • Facilitated over 190 project proposals through single window facilitation, with cumulative investment of USD 10 billion.

New paradigm for industrial growth


Vision 2023 for inclusive growth and development

  • Sustained GSDP growth targeted at 11% per annum, with a goal to reach per capita income of USD 10,000 by 2023.
  • Almost 80% of infrastructure investment planned in energy, transport, water supply, industrial/commercial activities and urban infrastructure. GoTN has already identified 217 high priority projects.
  • Commitment from GoTN through Project preparation fund and other vehicles to enhance financing sources for infrastructure projects.
  • 42% of the targeted investment is proposed to be under the PPP model providing great opportunity for players in infrastructure development and financing businesses.
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10 Reasons to Choose Tamil Nadu

  • An economic powerhouse on a high growth trajectory
  • A global industrial and manufacturing hub
  • Robust physical infrastructure
  • Renewable energy capital of India
  • Innovation and Knowledge hub of India
  • Robust urban and social infrastructure with world class civic amenities
  • Strong tourism footprint
  • Path breaking policy initiatives and investor facilitation framework
  • New paradigm for industrial growth
  • Vision 2023 for inclusive growth and Development