Frontier Mediville

“Frontier Mediville”, India’s first SEZ Medical Science Park in India

Frontier Lifeline was established in Tamil Nadu in the year 2003. The company was able to set up a single specialty cardiac care hospital in less than six months’ time and make it profitable in a year because of the proactive government machinery and great business environment in Chennai. The hospital served patients from more than 20 countries and trains healthcare professionals from more than 10 countries. In the course of contemplating India’s first Special Economic Zone (SEZ) in Medical Sector, Frontier Lifeline’s first choice was Tamil Nadu.

The project is situated in a 350 acres, self sustainable mini-township in the healthcare sector. This features India’s first SEZ in the Medical Sector, probably the first large animal testing facility in private sector in India, and laboratories for research in healthcare sector.

An international convention centre for medical and healthcare exhibitions is in progress. The plan for the upcoming phases, comprises retirement villages, commercial space for healthcare companies, hospital complexes, an International School and shopping and entertainment zones – making it a fully self sustainable mini township.

The project has attracted attention from many internationally reputable organisations. In the past five months alone MoUs have been signed with organisations such as University of New South Wales, Australia (Development of affordable cardiac devices through Australian Government assisted initiative), Kaunas University of Technology, Lithuania (M.Sc. Cardiovascular Nursing), Institute for Atherosclerosis Research, Moscow, Russian Federation (Human Genome Studies) and First Hospital of Tsinghua University, Beijing, China (Exchange of Healthcare Experts).

Sept 2015

Global Investors

Chennai Trade Centre, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
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10 Reasons to Choose Tamil Nadu

  • An economic powerhouse on a high growth trajectory
  • A global industrial and manufacturing hub
  • Robust physical infrastructure
  • Renewable energy capital of India
  • Innovation and Knowledge hub of India
  • Robust urban and social infrastructure with world class civic amenities
  • Strong tourism footprint
  • Path breaking policy initiatives and investor facilitation framework
  • New paradigm for industrial growth
  • Vision 2023 for inclusive growth and Development